“Golf for Life” Instruction Program
Our goal is to facilitate a network of regional and
national golf clinics and competitions  exclusively for
individuals who have Down syndrome. We are
working closely with the National Down Syndrome
Congress (NDSC) and the Professional Golfers’
Association of America (PGA).  Through our
collaboration with the NDSC and the PGA, we are:
  • conducting a golf instruction program in the
    PGA Philadelphia Section;
  • compiling a database of PGA Professionals
    in the 41 PGA Sections who are willing to
    donate their time for golf instruction; and
  • serving as a liaison with the NDSC to identify
    NDSC affiliate leaders to help organize
    regional golf events and individuals with
    Down syndrome who are interested in
    pursuing golf opportunities.
Public Speaking & Advocacy Program
In addition to providing golf instruction programs,
Brad Hennefer offers public speaking
engagements as a self-advocate with the goals of:
  • educating the community, professionals
    and parents in the abilities of people with
    Down syndrome;
  • promoting the interests of people with
    Down syndrome and their families through
    advocacy and public awareness;
  • promoting full participation of people with
    Down syndrome in all aspects of community
    life, particularly in athletics;
  • providing inspiration and hope to families of
    people with Down syndrome.
Providing Golf Opportunities to Individuals with Down Syndrome
The Brad Hennefer Golf for Life Foundation