"I play golf because it's fun, and I can spend time with
my father, and my brother, and my friends.  It's good
exercise, and, really, because it's fun!"
-Brad Hennefer, age 21

Brad Hennefer is a young man with Down Syndrome.  Brad
lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his family.  In 2008, he
was the first individual with Down Syndrome to graduate
from Cherry Hill High School East.  Brad also works
part-time for Aramark at CH East, as well as at Wegman's
Supermarket in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Brad enjoys listening to
music, watching movies, hanging out with his many friends,
and playing sports.  He has participated in Special
Olympics basketball, golf and weight lifting, winning several
gold and silver medals.  He also was a member of his high
school varsity basketball and golf teams.  
Brad started playing golf at the age of 3,
when his older brother Bobby would take
him to play miniature golf on the
boardwalk at the Jersey shore.  As he got
older, Bobby started playing in Junior
Tour events in his area.  Brad and Nancy,
their mother, would follow Bobby during
his tournaments, walking all 18 holes.  
Little did they know that Brad was
watching Bobby's every stroke.  He was
slowly learning how to hit a golf ball, just
by watching his brother.  (Because Brad
is left-handed and Bobby is right-handed,
he needed to reverse every move in his
Brad and his girlfriend Samantha, taking a break
between helping others at the clinic.
As he got older, his family noticed that he had substantial talent when it came to golf.  He
continued to play with Bobby whenever he could.  When Brad was 12, Bobby went away to
college.  Suddenly there was a void in Brad's golf life.

Enter Rich Smith, Jr.  Through the Variety Club of Philadelphia, Brad was partnered with
Rich to play in a few tournaments around the area.  Rich had never worked with a person
with DS before, and he right away noticed Brad's talent.  He immediately began working with
Brad to develop his game. Due in large part to Rich's help, Brad is now able to play a full 18
holes of golf.  Now that Bobby has returned from college and is a PGA Golf Professional, he
and Brad want to provide others with the same wonderful experiences that they have

Brad and the Hennefer and Smith families want to give other people with DS the same
opportunities that he has.  Through their collaborative efforts, Golf For Life is well on its
way to being a successful program, both in the Philadelphia area and across the country!
All of life is a journey, and the construction of this
website is no exception.  Check back for updates
and more information!

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